Episode 52: Isekai Home Depot (Summer 2017 Impressions Part 1)

August 3, 2017

Well, everyone I hang out with moved to texas so i've been doing a lot of reading on aquarium maintenance. does anyone know of a freshwater snail species that will gobble all my algae but won't get eaten by an absolute asshole of a turtle? or if they will get eaten, something that will reproduce fast enough to make up for it. not malaysian trumpet snails though, i don't need an army of the damn things just enough to clean the glass. it's not a lot of algae either, i just thought it would make a nice decoration and lower the workload for me a bit. i was looking at some fish that'll do the same thing but they all require too much maintenance or get fucking huge. it's not a big tank, i can't be dealing with a bunch of six-inch siamese algae eaters over here. that's why i like snails but i can't find any that will breed at anything that could be considered a reasonable rate. i just need a nice nuclear family of snails that can hide in gravel and maybe lose a member every once in a while and that lays eggs after careful consideration, not a god damned borg cube that takes over my whole house and encrusts every surface in my life. and one that only lays fertilized eggs, too. what's the point of getting an algae eater if i just have to clean up a bunch of ugly eggs all the time anyways?


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