Episode 29: I Have No Chair (Gurren Lagann)

August 10, 2016

Normally, you can't pierce the heavens when you're completely exhausted from wilderness activities. But that doesn't mean we're not gonna try.


Wisdom From the Road 2: Steven Watches Gurren Lagann in a Car

August 9, 2016
Look at that fuckin' cloud, man. Just LOOK at it.

We recorded our trip to camp this year. Be warned, it does not sound good. Our mic stopped working at one point, which is why it cuts off so suddenly. Also, it turns out MadTV already did a Mike Tyson Grill bit. Who woulda guessed? The answer is everybody.


Episode 28: Tears of the Batt Man (Summer 2016 Impressions Part 2)

July 27, 2016
If any of you ever feel stupid, just remember that Steven, a grown adult, does not understand that the order in which you perform a set of independent tasks does not effect the total time it takes to do said tasks.

Shows covered:
Masou Gakuen HxH
Scared Rider Xechs
Tsukiuta the Animation
Mahou Shoujo? Naria Girls
Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars
Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru
Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin
91 Days
Time Travel Shoujo
Qualidea Code
Ange Vierge
Mob Psycho 100

Episode 27: Advanced Badness (Summer 2016 Impressions Part 1)

July 13, 2016

Maybe you should drink a 40 when recording a podcast. Maybe you shouldn't. All I know is, don't reach for that second one. 

Shows covered in Part 1:
Berserk (2016)
Fukigen na Mononokean
Hatsukoi Monster
B-Project: Kodou * Ambitious
Amaama to Inazuma
Tales of Zestiria the X
Cheer Danshi
Taboo Tattoo
New Game
Saiku Kusuo no Psi Nan

Episode 26: Token Pluff Ball (Nurse Witch Komugi-chan)

June 29, 2016

She wears band-aids OVER her socks. 

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Episode 25: DTEP (Black Bullet)

June 17, 2016

It's our one-year anniversary! And we're celebrating by having everything we've been having up until this point: drunkenness, obnoxious singing, and Steven not finishing shit. 

Remember, if you want to suggest a show, send us a request at 3weebs@gmail.com, threeaweebos.tumblr.com, or call us at 318-933-2722.

Episode 24: He/Him/Sexy (Highlander: The Search for Vengeance)

June 1, 2016

Ethan and Declan may live forever, but they're gonna spend most of that time shouting "WOAH". 

Send us email at 3weebs@gmail.com OR call us at 318-933-2722. It'll be fun. NOT. 

Episode 23: Kris Krossin’ (Spring 2016 Impressions Part 2)

May 18, 2016

In case you don't notice, part 2 was recorded in the same drunken 53-hour long session as part 1, which may explain why our remaining two amigos sort of lose their minds somewhere in here.

Shows covered:

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri
Flying Witch
Space Patrol Luluco
Super Lovers
Big Order
Sansha Sanyou
and one more show I won't spoil.

And would you believe this episode features ANOTHER surprise guest? Stay tuned.

Episode 22: Straight Drippin’ (Spring 2016 Impressions Part 1)

May 4, 2016
Declan and Ethan have seen it all. And they're gonna talk about it for so long that I'm NOT editing this shit. 

This week, we have: 

Boku no Hero Academia 
12-sai.: Chicchana Mune no Tokimeki 
Seisen Cerberus 
Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge 
Bungou Stray Dogs 
Sousei no Onmyouji 
Beyblade Burst 
Anne Happy 
Joker Game 
Pan de Peace! 
Sakamoto Desu ga 
Shounen Maid 
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, 
and Kuma Miko 

Part 2 next episode.

Episode 21: Bitch I’m From the Moon (Anime D&D Part 1)

April 20, 2016

To get the full experience of this episode, watch it in beautiful color video here: https://youtu.be/goR2UkIRabs. Except it won't be up until like a day after this podcast is live. 

Fuck the rules: the Aweebos are giving you D&D the way you know you want it - with completely unlikable characters and a plot that is not very good. 

Send us email at 3weebs@gmail.com OR call us at 318-933-2722. Scrubs monologues are worth 25 points. 

Thanks to nijurasen for our intro song. You can find their Bandcamp page at http://nijurasen.bandcamp.com